Because after all, worrying just is meditation on bullshit. #noworries

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“Nights so fun, they explain the evolutionary purpose of talking.”

- Katie Holmes (Film: The Romantics)

Yay finally took my fam to my vaycay home! Friends at sunset on the beach #searanch

Hence why we all need summer vacations…

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Finishing up my ‘Children of the Renaissance’ series! This is my #gemini brotha @l_tuck24 he’s awesome👌#wip #artbybrette #revolution


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What I know…


So I know that the [wo]man who knows something, knows [s]he knows nothing at all, but here this goes:

I’ve never really lost sleep over someone’s negative opinion of me. Because, let’s be real, perception is perception. I feel blessed and thankful that at this point in my life I know who I am. And I have come to this epiphany by learning who I am not. I am thankful to be able to say that my struggles have created a stable foundation of life lessons I have learned from.

I know that the key is trusting myself.

I know that truth is love and love is truth. 

I know the key to surpassing life’s many tests is to NOT blame myself and instead forgive myself and love myself more deeply. I have found strength in the life truths I’ve learned. 

But I know, the [wo]man who knows something knows [s]he knows nothing at all. So I keep it humble.

I know that I must keep evolving and changing and I have ZERO obligation to the woman I was even 5 minuets ago.

I know I have to remain positive and IN the moment for the universe to stay OPEN, and I thrive when the universe is open and flowing with me.

I know that I am NEVER done learning. When I get to a place of stagnation, I take the time to travel, I write, I do yoga, I buy a new book, I research then watch a new film, or I start a new creative project.

I know that through a series of bad relationships and men being less than honest about other women I have learned the more that I deserve. I have come to realize what it is that I want out of love and career. 

I know that without the love of my family and family of friends I am nothing. They give me light. They present a silver lining to me on the dark days and they are my light, my hope, my encouragement, and my support. 

I know I will reach my dreams, because I already have, and I keep setting new dreams once I accomplish them.

I know I will be traveling a lot this year, and in the future… and… I couldn’t be happier about that. 

NOW… I know I just need to focus and to get work done and believe in myself. Because If I don’t - who else will? Feel me?

I know I find it irrelevant what others think of me. I do it for myself, only in the hopes that others can learn from my journey. 

I know its all happening right NOW.

And, still, I KNOW that the [wo]man who knows something knows [s]he knows nothing at all.

All love.

- B

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More images of #STUKGIRL art we created for the gorgeous attendees of the #beautyblender #BeAMakeupMixologist event! #sketches #art #drawings

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Artist: Brette Sims

  A deep romance with life: using art as a mechanism to display the powerful beauty of women inside and out. 

Creative director and founder of  STUK DESIGNS LLC.